Shiroku-ban Size In Feet

What is the exact Shiroku-ban size in feet? Find out exact Shiroku-ban paper size dimensions in feet for your printing or designing job.

Shiroku-ban Paper Size in Feet

The size of one sheet of Shiroku-ban paper in feet is 2.59' X 3.58'.

Imperial notation for Shiroku-ban size in feet: 2 5/8 X 3 5/8.

Notes To Shiroku-ban Dimensions in Feet

  • Foot is a United States customary unit of length, the symbol ' (single quote) is also used as an abbreviation.
  • Feet is the plural form of foot. As a unit of length, the form feet is most commonly used even for values smaller or equal to 1.
  • Feet is a large unit of length for measuring most paper sheet sizes. Use these dimensions only as a reference.
  • Imperial notation is just for reference, use normal decimal notation (rounded to 2 decimal points) for more precise Shiroku-ban sheet size in feet measurements.
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