Shiroku-ban Paper Size And Dimensions

Shiroku-ban paper size, Shiroku-ban sheet size, Shiroku-ban paper size in mm, cm, meter, inches and feet. Finally all Shiroku-ban paper size data in one place.

Shiroku-ban Paper Size Dimensions

We give you the exact size of a sheet of Shiroku-ban paper in different units.

  • Shiroku-ban paper size in millimeters: 788 mm x 1091 mm.
  • Shiroku-ban paper size in centimeters: 78.8 cm x 109.1 cm.
  • Shiroku-ban paper size in inches: 31 by 43 inches.

Area Of One Sheet Of Shiroku-ban Paper

In case of a Shiroku-ban paper, original dimensions are not based on the area. It can be useful though to know how much area one sheet of Shiroku-ban paper covers.

The area of one sheet of Shiroku-ban paper is:

  • Approximately 0.8597 square meters.
  • 1332.5501 square inches.
  • 9.2538 square feet.

Shiroku-ban Size In Pixels

It is an evergreen question regarding paper sizes, including the Shiroku-ban size, that how much they measure in pixels. This is most frequently asked when someone wants to print out a design into a sheet of Shiroku-ban paper, and they want to know how many pixels wide and long the design should be so that it would have a perfect resolution after printing.

Unfortunately there is no exact correspondence between the Shiroku-ban paper size and pixels. This depends of the resolution of your device, such as screen or printer).

Native screen resolution in DPI varies a lot, but it's generally between 100 and 120 DPI. 72 DPI for monitors is just a myth. Your printer at home or at the office typically uses 300 DPI. When using a professional printing service, the resolution can vary between 250 DPI and 600 DPI, but you can find professional printers that use a much higher resolution, like 1200 DPI.

We give you some pixel data for a sheet of Shiroku-ban paper based on different resolutions, but it is of upmost importance to know your exact printing resolution before designing!

Shiroku-ban size in pixels, depending on the resolution:

  • Shiroku-ban size in pixels when using 96 DPI: 2978 x 4123 pixels.
  • Shiroku-ban size in pixels when using 100 DPI: 3102 x 4295 pixels.
  • Shiroku-ban size in pixels when using 120 DPI: 3723 x 5154 pixels.
  • Shiroku-ban size in pixels when using 300 DPI: 9307 x 12886 pixels.
  • Shiroku-ban size in pixels when using 600 DPI: 18614 x 25772 pixels.