Legal Size In mm (Millimeter)

What is the exact Legal size in mm (millimeters)? Find out exact Legal paper size dimensions in mm for your printing or designing job.

Legal Paper Size in mm

Legal is an American paper size, defined in inches. So the Legal size in mm that we give you below is calculated from these inch values.

The size of one sheet of Legal paper in mm is 355.6mm x 215.9mm.

Notes To Legal Dimensions in mm

  • mm is an SI unit, the abbreviation of millimetre (international spelling) or millimeter (American spelling).
  • As Legal is an American paper size, this Legal size in mm information is calculated from inches. But as mm is a small enough unit of length, the data given here can be treated as exact for everyday use.
  • To find out more information on the Legal paper size, click on the link.
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