C9 Size In Pixels

Are you looking for the exact size of C9 in pixels? Do you need the exact pixel resolution of one sheet of C9 paper for a printing or designing job (e.g. in Photosop, Gimp, CorelDRAW)?

Don't worry, we got you covered! We give you the C9 paper size in pixels for different dpi resolutions, and we also explain you how to understand pixels in the case of a sheet of paper, such as C9.

C9 Size In Pixels Using 300 DPI

The size of one sheet of C9 paper depends on the resolution (dpi) that you use, see below with more details. But the most common resolution for printing jogs is 300 dpi, that's why we give you the size of C9 paper in pixels for this resolution. Make sure to continue reading as you find a spreadsheet containing C9 in pixels for different dpi values.

C9 size in pixels when using 300 dpi: 673 x 472 pixels.

C9 Size In Pixels

It is an evergreen question regarding paper sizes, including the C9 size, that how much they measure in pixels. This is most frequently asked when someone wants to print out a design into a sheet of C9 paper, and they want to know how many pixels wide and long the design should be so that it would have a perfect resolution after printing.

Unfortunately there is no exact correspondence between the C9 paper size and pixels. This depends of the resolution of your device, such as screen or printer).

Native screen resolution in DPI varies a lot, but it's generally between 100 and 120 DPI. 72 DPI for monitors is just a myth. Your printer at home or at the office typically uses 300 DPI. When using a professional printing service, the resolution can vary between 250 DPI and 600 DPI, but you can find professional printers that use a much higher resolution, like 1200 DPI.

We give you some pixel data for a sheet of C9 paper based on different resolutions, but it is of upmost importance to know your exact printing resolution before designing!

C9 Size Spreadsheet In Pixels

Resolution (DPI)C9 Width (px)C9 Length (px)C9 size in pixels
72 DPI113 px162 px162 x 113 pixels
96 DPI151 px215 px215 x 151 pixels
100 DPI157 px224 px224 x 157 pixels
120 DPI189 px269 px269 x 189 pixels
150 DPI236 px337 px337 x 236 pixels
200 DPI315 px449 px449 x 315 pixels
250 DPI394 px561 px561 x 394 pixels
300 DPI472 px673 px673 x 472 pixels
600 DPI945 px1346 px1346 x 945 pixels
1200 DPI1890 px2693 px2693 x 1890 pixels

C9 size in pixels provided for the regular sheet of paper, without bleed. If you need bleeding area, please consult your printing company for the exact bleed size in pixels.

Portrait Or Landscape

When setting up the number of pixels for a design or printing job made for C9 paper, orientation, i.e. portrait or landscape, can be another question. Thankfully this is just a question of the orientation of the C9 paper, and does not effect the size (or settings) in pixels.

  • Use Portrait setting for a vertical layuout, and the smaller number will be the width in pixels while the larger number the height in pixels.
  • On the other hand, use Landscape setting for horizontal layouts. In this case the larger number will be the width in pixels while the smaller number the height in pixels.

Picture credit: Sam Beebe (flickr)