Area Of B0 Paper

What is the area of one sheet of B0 paper? B0 surface area in m2, cm2, square inches and square feet. Perimeter of B0 paper.

Area Of One Sheet Of B0 Paper

In case of a B0 paper, original dimensions are not based on the area. It can be useful though to know how much area one sheet of B0 paper covers.

The area of one sheet of B0 paper is:

  • Approximately 1.414 square meters.
  • 2191.7044 square inches.
  • 15.2202 square feet.

By definition, the area of one sheet of B0 paper is exactly the double of the area of the B1 size.

How Many B0 In 1 Square Meter?

One question that is related to the area of B0 paper and that often comes up is how many sheets of B0 paper can you fit in one square meter.

B0 paper size is not defined in relation to the area of one square meter. That gives us only an approximated value as per how many sheets of B0 paper fit in 1 m2.

The area of one sheet of B0 paper is bigger than 1 m2. Approximately 0.71 sheet of B0 paper fits in one square meter.

Perimeter Of B0 Paper

The perimeter of one sheet of B0 paper is not directly related to its area, but it is often asked when it comes to special dimensions, such as the area, of B0 paper.

The perimeter of B0 paper is easily calculable from its width and height. As the width of one sheet of B0 paper is 1000 mm and the height is 1414 mm, the perimeter is the double of the sum of these values.

Perimeter of B0 paper in different units of measurement:

  • 4828 mm.
  • 4.828 meter.
  • 190.0787 inches or 190 1/8".
  • 15.8399 feet or 15 7/8'.

Notes To B0 Paper Area

  • Units are rounded to 4 decimal points.
  • Imperial notation is just for reference, use normal decimal notation (rounded to 2 decimal points) for more precise B0 paper area measurements.
  • To find out more information on the B0 paper size, click on the link.