B0 Paper Size And Dimensions

B0 paper size, B0 sheet size, B0 paper size in mm, cm, meter, inches and feet. Finally all B0 paper size data in one place.

B0 paper size is an ISO standard size, used in Europe and almost all around the world, except for North America, parts of South America and the Philippines. B0 is part of the B series.

One sheet of B0 paper is exactly the double of the B1 size.

B0 Paper Size Dimensions

We give you the exact size of a sheet of B0 paper in different units.

  • B0 paper size in millimeters: 1414 mm x 1000 mm.
  • B0 paper size in centimeters: 141.4 cm x 100 cm.
  • B0 paper size in inches: 55 2/3 by 39 3/8 inches.

Area Of One Sheet Of B0 Paper

In case of a B0 paper, original dimensions are not based on the area. It can be useful though to know how much area one sheet of B0 paper covers.

The area of one sheet of B0 paper is:

  • Approximately 1.414 square meters.
  • 2191.7044 square inches.
  • 15.2202 square feet.

B0 Size In Pixels

It is an evergreen question regarding paper sizes, including the B0 size, that how much they measure in pixels. This is most frequently asked when someone wants to print out a design into a sheet of B0 paper, and they want to know how many pixels wide and long the design should be so that it would have a perfect resolution after printing.

Unfortunately there is no exact correspondence between the B0 paper size and pixels. This depends of the resolution of your device, such as screen or printer).

Native screen resolution in DPI varies a lot, but it's generally between 100 and 120 DPI. 72 DPI for monitors is just a myth. Your printer at home or at the office typically uses 300 DPI. When using a professional printing service, the resolution can vary between 250 DPI and 600 DPI, but you can find professional printers that use a much higher resolution, like 1200 DPI.

We give you some pixel data for a sheet of B0 paper based on different resolutions, but it is of upmost importance to know your exact printing resolution before designing!

B0 size in pixels, depending on the resolution:

  • B0 size in pixels when using 96 DPI: 5344 x 3780 pixels.
  • B0 size in pixels when using 100 DPI: 5567 x 3937 pixels.
  • B0 size in pixels when using 120 DPI: 6680 x 4724 pixels.
  • B0 size in pixels when using 300 DPI: 16701 x 11811 pixels.
  • B0 size in pixels when using 600 DPI: 33402 x 23622 pixels.