Legal Size In Feet

What is the exact Legal size in feet? Find out exact Legal paper size dimensions in feet for your printing or designing job.

Legal Paper Size in Feet

Legal is an American paper size, defined in inches. Feet is a much larger unit of length, so the Legal size in feet that we give you below is still rounded.

The size of one sheet of Legal paper in feet is 1.17' X 0.71'.

Imperial notation for Legal size in feet: 1 1/8 X 3/4.

Notes To Legal Dimensions in Feet

  • Foot is a United States customary unit of length, the symbol ' (single quote) is also used as an abbreviation.
  • Feet is the plural form of foot. As a unit of length, the form feet is most commonly used even for values smaller or equal to 1.
  • As Legal is an American paper size, this Legal size in feet is more precise, but still rounded.
  • Feet is a large unit of length for measuring most paper sheet sizes. Use these dimensions only as a reference.
  • Imperial notation is just for reference, use normal decimal notation (rounded to 2 decimal points) for more precise Legal sheet size in feet measurements.
  • To find out more information on the Legal paper size, click on the link.
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