C1 Size In m (Meters)

What is the exact C1 size in m (meters)? Find out exact C1 paper size dimensions in m for your printing or designing job.

C1 Paper Size in Meters (m)

C1 is an ISO standard paper size, and the actual dimensions are defined in mm. So the C1 size in m (meter) that we give you is precise, not rounded.

The size of one sheet of C1 paper in meters is 0.917m x 0.648m.

Notes To C1 Dimensions in m (Meter)

  • m is an SI unit, the abbreviation of metre (international spelling) or meter (American spelling).
  • As C1 is an ISO standard paper size, therefore this C1 size in m information gives you exact data.
  • Meter is a large unit of length for measuring most paper sheet sizes. Use these dimensions only as a reference.
  • To find out more information on the C1 paper size, click on the link.